Can I remove my spouse from my car insurance?

Finding that you need to separate your spouse from your car insurance policy can be hard news, but in some cases, it makes sense. In other cases, it might not make sense to remove a partner from your auto insurance plan. People who are separated or divorced often ask questions about whether they can move a spouse from a car insurance plan. While there are multiple steps involved, and the situation can be complicated, it is possible to remove a spouse from your auto insurance.

Can I Remove My Spouse From My Car Insurance?

Yes, you are able to remove a spouse from your car insurance plan. There is a process that needs to be taken in order to do so, however. If you and your spouse are still residing in the same house or apartment, you will not be able to take them off of your auto insurance plan until they purchase their own policy and/or remove themselves. This rule is in place so that people are not unknowingly removed from a car insurance plan. If companies allow this to happen, people could remove their partner from their car insurance plan for revenge, or do it in ways that could hold their partner liable for massive expenses without them knowing.

For these reasons and others, car insurance companies tend to require a person’s consent before they can be removed from a spouse's plan. In order to do so, you need to be the Primary Name Insurer on the policy. This allows you to make changes to your insurance plan. If you are not the PNI, or Primary Named Insured, you will not be able to remove another driver from the plan, but you will be able to remove yourself.

Due to it being illegal to drive without car insurance, you cannot remove your spouse from your joint car insurance plan without signed consent from them. While it may be frustrating, it can save you from legal conflicts. Avoiding these conflicts can keep a lot more money in your pocket over the long run.

Separate Addresses

Having separate addresses is also a helpful part of the process. Whether you are married or not, if you have different home addresses, you will need to have separate car insurance policies. Insurance companies will generally not let a person insure someone else who does not reside with them. People who continue to live at the same address can still purchase their own separate insurance plans and exclude the other person from their policy if they want to.

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle ownership is another aspect of having an auto insurance plan. Whoever is insuring the vehicle is required to be listed on the title. For people who own vehicles jointly, you may need to decide on how to delegate ownership of the vehicle. This can be a tough process and one that sometimes takes time. You will need to decide who will have full ownership of the car before putting it in only that one person’s name as far as car insurance companies are concerned.

Once one person is removed from the title, they should also be removed from the car’s registration. People who co-own a vehicle may decide to be on two separate policies, though this is more expensive overall.

Buying A New Car Insurance Policy After Becoming Separated

There is a lot of flexibility in purchasing a new car insurance plan after becoming separated from your partner. You will be able to select the car insurance company you want to, as an example. This allows you to get free quotes for car insurance from multiple companies so you can pay the least amount available to you in premiums. Keep in mind when looking at auto insurance companies, customer service and financial strength are also important. Not all auto insurance providers are in your area, and by taking advantage of the free quotes for car insurance that you can find at State Insurance, you can find the top auto insurance providers for you.

Companies use different formulas to determine what a person will pay for their auto insurance plan. There are numerous ways to save money on car insurance, including paying for your entire policy in advance. Discounts are also available for people with good driving records, good credit scores, who are good students, and have antitheft devices on their vehicles. Keep in mind that you may lose your multicar discount if you are moving from being a multiple car household to one that has a single car. Also, you should know that you could lose out on your multi-policy discount as well. If you no longer have another insurance plan to bunddle to this policy, this discount might not apply to you anymore. Some people bundle their car insurance plan up with a homeowner's insurance plan, as an example.

No matter what your situation is State Insurance is here to assist you in finding the best prices for auto insurance available. Getting the best rates for car insurance available starts with comparing policies from multiple companies. The tools here at State Insurance allow you to quickly and efficiently compare rates on some of the top policies available that suit your needs.

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